Card nudge Preview

A card nudge is a short message that helps people discover what they can do in an app. It appears at the top of a screen, beneath the navigation bar, and pushes all other content below it.

Card nudges are helpful for sending reminders and recommendations, but they don’t necessarily relate to someone’s current task. They should never be used to communicate feedback or status. To communicate how things are going, try a notification instead.




Card nudges present information that is helpful but never necessary, so they are always dismissible. They can be dismissed with a swipe in either direction and can optionally contain a dismiss button as a stronger visual cue.


Card nudges take prominent placement at the top of the page content and push all other content down. When a card nudge is dismissed, main page content shifts up.


Card nudges should always provide a helpful next action, whether that’s reminding someone of an upcoming meeting or letting them know about messages they may have missed. Lead with the action to give people a quick understanding of what they can do.

If you include a link or button in the card nudge, use short, intuitive text so that people know exactly what will happen next. If possible, the call to action should mimic body text.