What’s new in Fluent 2

Explore the next evolution of Microsoft’s design system, enabling more seamless collaboration and creativity than ever. Move fluidly from design to development, between apps, and across platforms.

System-level changes

Fluent 2 boasts sweeping changes across-the-board to ensure frictionless communication throughout the system. We improved on the solid foundations from Fluent 1 and injected innovative additions. All to empower makers at every angle of the system to drive toward a single purpose. That purpose? One Microsoft across the products we offer, the services we provide, and the communities we make.

Take a look at what’s new and improved in Fluent 2.

Cohesive color system
Token system
Standardized corners
Robust usage guidance
Accessibility notation

Platform-level changes

Fluent’s superpower is its ability to adapt to different platforms and environments. That means that we tailor our updates to each platform we support. You’ll be able to build a fluid and natural experience for your customers every time. Wherever they are, whatever they’re working on.

Dive into our component overviews to explore the improvements at the platform level.