iOS overview

Components are the building blocks of a design system, built to solve specific UI problems. Fluent iOS is a customized subset of components that fits seamlessly with native Apple components, letting you build uniquely Microsoft experiences that are native to the platform.

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Note: Fluent iOS is upgrading to include the Fluent 2 design language and token system, as well as modularized code, so you can grab only what you need. These components are still in the works, so be careful if you pull them in production; changes to them might require fixes to your app down the line. We’ll add more components and APIs as they become available.



PreviewActivity indicator thumbnail

Activity indicator

An activity indicator lets someone know there’s a background task in progress and assures them the system is still working.

PreviewAvatar thumbnail


An avatar shows an image or text to represent a person or group as well as gives additional information like their status and activity.

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Avatar group

An avatar group shows multiple avatars.

PreviewButton thumbnail


A button triggers a single action or event.

PreviewCard nudge thumbnail

Card nudge

A card nudge is a short message that helps people discover what they can do in an app. It appears at the top of a screen, beneath the navigation bar, and pushes all other content below it.

PreviewHeads-up display thumbnail

Heads-up display

The heads-up display, or HUD, is a progress indicator that appears on a backplate and can give additional text information about the background task that’s occurring.

PreviewNavigation bar thumbnail

Navigation bar

The navigation bar provides information and actions relating to the current screen.

PreviewProgress bar thumbnail

Progress bar

A progress bar lets someone know there’s a background task in progress.

PreviewSegmented control thumbnail

Segmented control

A segmented control lets someone select one option from a set of two or more segments in a single, horizontal container.

PreviewShimmer thumbnail


A shimmer lets people know that a section of information is loading without blocking other UI elements from rendering. They’re great for gradually loading layouts and giving hints about the structure of information.

PreviewText field thumbnail

Text field

A text field lets people enter short, free-form text data.

PreviewTooltip thumbnail


A tooltip provides supplemental, contextual information without shifting people’s focus away from the primary interface. Use them to give helpful but non-essential plain text hints.