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Components are the building blocks of a design system, built to solve specific UI problems. Fluent React components are now more lightweight, bringing your web apps improved performance and decreased bundle size.

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An accordion groups sections of related content that can be opened and closed.

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An avatar shows an image or text to represent a person or group as well as give additional information like their status and activity.

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Avatar group

An avatar group shows multiple avatars.

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A badge is a visual indicator that communicates a status or description of an associated component.

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A button triggers a single action or event.

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A card is a container that holds information and actions related to a single concept or object, like a document or a contact.

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Checkboxes let people select multiple options from a group or switch a single option on or off.

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A combobox lets people choose one or more options from a list or enter text in a connected input.

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A dialog is a supplemental surface that can provide helpful interactions or require someone to take an action before they can continue their task, like confirming a deletion.

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A divider groups sections of content to create visual rhythm and hierarchy.

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A dropdown lets people choose one or more options from a list.

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A field is a combination of a label and any form component, like an input or a select.

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Fluent provider

The Fluent provider defines the styles that are used in your app.

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Icons represent concepts, objects, or actions, and have semantic purpose within a layout.

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Images, like photos and illustrations, help reinforce a message and express your product or app's style.

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Info button

An info button is a recognizable icon that lets someone know when there is supplemental information available.

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An input allows people to enter short, free-form text data.

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Labels give a name to a component or group of components.

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A link is interactive text that lets people navigate somewhere else, either within an experience or to a different app or site.

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A menu is a hidden list of options that is shown when someone interacts with a trigger component, like a button, an avatar, or an icon.

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A persona is a representation of a person with additional contextual information.

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A popover is a small surface that appears when someone interacts with a component to give nonessential, contextual information without blocking them.

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Progress bar

Progress bars communicate system information, like how much cloud storage someone is using in OneDrive, or task information, like how long until a download is complete.

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Radio group

Radio groups let people select a single item from a short list.

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A select lets people choose a single option from a list of at least four options.

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A skeleton lets people know that a section of content is loading without blocking other parts of the page.

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A slider lets someone set a value from a given range.

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Spin button

A spin button is a specialized input that lets someone easily increase or decrease a value within a set range, like dates in a month.

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Spinners visually communicate that something is processing.

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A switch lets someone choose between two mutually exclusive options, like on or off.

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A tablist is a group of tabs that allow people to switch between categories of related information without going to different pages.

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A tag is a representation of a value that someone has picked, like recipients for an email or categories on a planner task.

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The text component codifies Fluent's opinions on typography to make them easy to use and standardize across products.

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A textarea allows people to enter long, free-form text data, like a comment.

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A toolbar gives access to frequently used actions related to someone’s current view or task, like text formatting in an editor.

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A tooltip provides supplemental, contextual information elevated near its target component.